The Supreme Court Building - Supreme Court of the United States

Like millions across America, I was horrified when I heard that  RUth Bader Ginsburg was dead.  With her passing, the issues of Roe V. Wade, Brown V. Board of Education, and preservation of the Affordable Care Act are up in the air.    A ideologically conservative Supreme Court will overturn established law on civil rights and women’s reproductive rights.   The justices are set to argue a challenge to the Affordable Care Act the week after the election.   People with pre-existing conditions will be at the mercy of insurance companies if the court rules that coverage for pre-existing conditions is unconstitutional.     

The Democrats are considering whether or not to increase the number of Supreme Court justices.   Even if they are successful, it could be years before fair and affordable health care will be available for all residents.    Right now, six million plus Americans have COVID as a pre-existing condition.    When you vote in the next few weeks, remember what is at stake: your life, and the lives of those you love.

Thank You.   L. Clara, Voter Values Project