CEBV is thrilled and proud to announce a special virtual interview event with national political strategist and commentator Simon Rosenberg. 
Wednesday, May 31, 6-7 pm
Registration required:  Register HERE

Rosenberg’s Substack, Hopium Chronicles, covers all things politics, with analysis and strategic insights galore. 

 The subject of a recent profile in The Atlantic, Simon Rosenberg correctly forecast the historic Democratic performance in the 2022 midterm election by naysaying the prevailing media narrative that Republicans would achieve significant gains (they did not). “For anxious Democrats, in the weeks before the election, he was as much therapist as strategist,” wrote Ronald Brownstein. 
A veteran of the Clinton War Room in the 1990s, Rosenberg says, “I think the way we have to think of the war room now, it’s 4 million proud patriots getting up every day, spending a little bit of their day putting good information into our daily discourse to try to crowd out the poisonous information and right-wing propaganda. There’s a lot that average citizens can do in this.”