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Friday Peace Vigils

Friday Peace Vigils

Every Friday at Cortez and Gurley Every Friday at 4:00pm-5:00pm a peace vigil occurs at the corner of Cortez and Gurley.  Grandmothers for Peace, Veterans for Peace and others attend. The insanity of war and the needless loss of life motivate them. Some of the reasons...

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Opportunity Scholarship at Yavapai College Update

Dreamers now must pay out-of-state tuition, but thanks to everyone who donated to the scholarship for Dreamers set up at Yavapai College by Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation, two DACA students received full tuition for this year.  But more can use our...

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People arriving at the southern border of the US do not constitute a uniform group. Some are trying out of desperation to get into the US unofficially, some are seeking refugee status under international and US law, some are coming to work, some have sponsors or...

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Call For Action On Climate Change

Carbon dioxide has grown to the highest level since humans appeared on earth, millions of years ago. Extreme weather is driving desperate subsistence farmers from Guatemala to the US border. The United Nations released a report projecting that one million species are...

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Resist! Outlaw Dirty Money

Tired of anonymous cash--dirty money-- pouring into Arizona and dominating our elections? We’re going to put into our constitution that every voter has the right to know who is paying to influence their elections. Help circulate petitions. Training and petitions...

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Request from the Immigration Team

Word is out! The Immigration Team has had enough success providing funds for DACA re-registrants that the community understands we are on the 'up-and-up' and thus can be trusted. We make them "family". The requests do continue to come in. Maria-Elena Dunn, Team Lead...

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Sign up and follow PI’s Twitter Feed

PI's new Social Media leader Jeff Daverman made such a convincing case for Twitter at the last General Meeting some of us got a Twitter account before the meeting was over. Here's a link to a WikiHow site that walks you through signing up for Twitter on your phone or...

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Four of the candidates that Prescott Indivisible endorsed won office. These statewide contests were very close. Your hard work to get voters to the polls made a difference.

Congratulations to  

Kyrsten Sinema, US Senate;

Katie Hobbs, AZ Sec. of State;

Kathy Hoffman, AZ Sept. of Public Instruction;

Sandra Kennedy, AZ Corp. Commission;