Take Action!

Debate Watch Party

Thursday June 27 @ 5:30 pm 1317 E. Gurley St. (Guacamayo Restaurant's Back Room) Prescott, AZ Prescott. Prescott Indivisible has reserved the large backroom that has a huge flatscreen. Order dinner, appetizers and drinks from their extensive menu and enjoy the company...

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Annual Pride Rally

Thursday,  June 13 5:00pm Join the Human Rights Team of Prescott Indivisible Prescott Courthouse Plaza, in front of Bucky's statue, Gurley St. Bring your sign! We continue to fight back for the rights of all. The latest assault on the LGBTQ community is the weakening...

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Call For Action On Climate Change

Carbon dioxide has grown to the highest level since humans appeared on earth, millions of years ago. Extreme weather is driving desperate subsistence farmers from Guatemala to the US border. The United Nations released a report projecting that one million species are...

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Arizona Legislative Alert:

Stay Vigilant In The Final Days of Session! The Arizona legislative session is supposed to be winding down, or so we thought -- until we checked the schedule and saw that FOUR anti-democratic bills were scheduled for floor votes last week. We were able to stall 3 out...

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Your Budget, Your Values

Arizona House Democrats held a listening tour over the past month in which they asked for constituent input and developed these 5 priorities to include in their FY2020 budget. P-20 (Preschool through College) Public Education Funding Rural and Urban Infrastructure...

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Resist! Outlaw Dirty Money

Tired of anonymous cash--dirty money-- pouring into Arizona and dominating our elections? We’re going to put into our constitution that every voter has the right to know who is paying to influence their elections. Help circulate petitions. Training and petitions...

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Keep Demanding the Full Mueller Report

After an enthusiastic No One Is Above the Law rally at the Prescott Courthouse Plaza last Thursday (approx. 75 marchers!) we cannot let up. Tell your Members of Congress that the full Mueller report be made public. Call your MoCs and demand they make Mueller’s...

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Voucher/Education Funding

We need all hands on deck! Outside interests are pushing more ESA voucher bills, and lawmakers need to hear from us. SB1320 removes oversight of the program from the Department of Education (and newly-elected Superintendent Kathy Hoffman, who ran on a platform of...

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Four of the candidates that Prescott Indivisible endorsed won office. These statewide contests were very close. Your hard work to get voters to the polls made a difference.

Congratulations to  

Kyrsten Sinema, US Senate;

Katie Hobbs, AZ Sec. of State;

Kathy Hoffman, AZ Sept. of Public Instruction;

Sandra Kennedy, AZ Corp. Commission;