Take Action!

Keep Demanding the Full Mueller Report

After an enthusiastic No One Is Above the Law rally at the Prescott Courthouse Plaza last Thursday (approx. 75 marchers!) we cannot let up. Tell your Members of Congress that the full Mueller report be made public. Call your MoCs and demand they make Mueller’s...

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Voucher/Education Funding

We need all hands on deck! Outside interests are pushing more ESA voucher bills, and lawmakers need to hear from us. SB1320 removes oversight of the program from the Department of Education (and newly-elected Superintendent Kathy Hoffman, who ran on a platform of...

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Request from the Immigration Team

Word is out! The Immigration Team has had enough success providing funds for DACA re-registrants that the community understands we are on the 'up-and-up' and thus can be trusted. We make them "family". The requests do continue to come in. Maria-Elena Dunn, Team Lead...

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Sign up and follow PI’s Twitter Feed

PI's new Social Media leader Jeff Daverman made such a convincing case for Twitter at the last General Meeting some of us got a Twitter account before the meeting was over. Here's a link to a WikiHow site that walks you through signing up for Twitter on your phone or...

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Follow Arizona Legislature Activities

Here are resources to learn what you legislature is up to.  1.  Please read 8 Reasons to Pay Attention to State Politics. We are working on an initiative to coordinate with other groups statewide. 2. Please follow a new free publication AZ Mirror, and also the AZ...

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Request to Speak (RTS) to the Arizona Legislature

Indivisible is prioritizing state legislative work this year (as seen in the new Indivisible State Guide). Our Indivisible groups did so well with election work, Indivisible National has prioritized Arizona as a target state - this means more resources, more training,...

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The total number of children separated from a parent or guardian by immigration authorities is unknown. Pursuant to a June 2018 Federal District Court order, US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has thus far identified 2,737 children in its care at that...

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Your Input Needed to Save the Dells

There is still time to protect and preserve the crown jewel of Prescott's outdoor treasures, the Granite Dells. Currently, Save the Dells activists are asking area residents to let the Prescott Planning and Zoning Commission know how imperative it is that they serve...

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Four of the candidates that Prescott Indivisible endorsed won office. These statewide contests were very close. Your hard work to get voters to the polls made a difference.

Congratulations to  

Kyrsten Sinema, US Senate;

Katie Hobbs, AZ Sec. of State;

Kathy Hoffman, AZ Sept. of Public Instruction;

Sandra Kennedy, AZ Corp. Commission;