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Please Help LaBeth!

LaBeth Pondish has been hospitalized for the past five months. She had a successful operation on her back, but needs to be in assisted living for the month of January and then will need assistance with her daily chores, light cleaning, travel to and from doctor...

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Help Save The Dells 12/12/19

CALL TO ACTION! Show your support for Save the Dells! We need you to come out for a special City Council Study Session - December 12, 5:30 pm, Mile High Middle School's Hendricks Auditorium.  Save the Dells has been working hard to negotiate a deal with the City and...

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Women’s March January 18, 2020

January 18, 2020 is the date of the 4th annual Women’s March.  Three years of marching, organizing, mobilizing, and building power – it’s all been leading up to this.  In 2020, we can finish what we started three years ago as we March On to the Polls and elect a new...

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Special Holiday Action

In this season of giving, sharing and being thankful, we suggest that you consider contributing to the efforts of the organizations which, through caravans, are caring for the many being "housed" on both sides of the Sonora/Arizona border.  It is through the caring of...

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Assist the Prescott Indivisible Immigration Team

From the Prescott Indivisible's Immigration Team Leader, Maria-Elena Dunn:  Sadly, our Nation's path of destruction has gone on virtually unabated since Jan. 2017.  Through the courts, and sometimes our actions, we have been able to put temporary brakes, yet the...

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If this impeachment process and the stonewalling by Senate members has you steaming, take action! Using Indivisible's hubdialer gives you the opportunity to put pressure on Senator Martha McSally, who as we know is an appointed Republican senator who regularly votes...

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Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) Congressional office and his campaign offices are receiving many abusive, awful phone calls, with staffers reporting that around 95% of his calls are negative. Let’s turn this around! We can use these numbers: (818) 450-2900, (818) 841-2828, (323)...

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Four of the candidates that Prescott Indivisible endorsed won office. These statewide contests were very close. Your hard work to get voters to the polls made a difference.

Congratulations to  

Kyrsten Sinema, US Senate;

Katie Hobbs, AZ Sec. of State;

Kathy Hoffman, AZ Sept. of Public Instruction;

Sandra Kennedy, AZ Corp. Commission;