Majority Leader Schumer announced an agreement with Senator Joe Manchin, with President Joe Biden’s approval, on a landmark deal that will allow Democrats to pass a significant portion of their agenda through reconciliation, over the objections of Republicans who refuse to take the needs of working people seriously.

The good things in this bill:
A 15% Corporate Minimum Tax ensuring the ultra-rich pay their fair share
Investments in cleaner energy solutions that put us on the path toward a 40% reductions in emissions by 2030
Permission for Medicare to negotiate drug prices (lowering prescription drug prices)
Continued lower Affordable Care Act premiums for millions of Americans
And more.

This bill may not be everything we wanted, but it’s a badly needed response to a crisis of inaction that too often has stopped progress in its tracks.

BUT we still need to get this bill across the finish line and it’s gonna be a fight to win these votes–in both the House and the Senate. We need you to make sure your Member of Congress feels the pressure to vote for this bill, which will be a significant victory for our families and our communities.

Let Krysten Sinema know you want the Senate to pass the Inflation Reduction Act immediately. Let’s use this progress to fuel our movement, to show our friends and neighbors that hope is worth it, and to motivate each other to keep fighting.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Health Care, Climate and Taxes: Here’s What’s in the Inflation Reduction Act

Krysten Sinema is the hold out.  Call/write/email her today.
Hart Senate Office Building:  202-224-4521             
Email contact through website,
Phoenix Office: 602-598-7327