It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the goal of reaching out to Independent voters within Yavapai County has been reached by the Voter Values Project prior to Election Day. Since last spring 5,500 Independent voters have received postcards, many parts of the postcard handwritten by volunteers. In the beginning these postcards were followed up by a phone call – but this quickly switched to a text message sent prior to the mailing of the postcards. Postcards were deemed to be quite expensive, so the remaining 8,000 Independent voters received a text message.

The purpose of all these postcards, calls and texts has been to drive the Independent voters to the website. Upon landing on the website, the voters were presented with a Survey questioning them about the topics that most concerned them.  After completing this Survey, the respondents have been receiving, almost weekly, researched articles pertinent to the Survey. These topics include: Racial Equity, Voting Rights, Healthcare Reform, and The Environment.

The secondary section of the website provides the respondents with a complete understanding of the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL); encouraging them – if they hadn’t registered already to do so and HOW to do it. Many returned Surveys indicated that the respondents had not registered – but would do so.

The ultimate goal of the Voter Values Project has been to let the Independent voters in Yavapai County know that there is someone out there that will listen to their concerns – with the hopeful potential that they will vote the Democratic ticket in this election.

There is a saying that states, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well…in this case it takes a VILLAGE to complete a project.” I would like to commend all of the following volunteers for their dedication to this project. It would never have moved forward or been completed without you. Forgive me I somehow miss someone important.


Rosemary Dixon – developed the Survey

Mavis Brauer – overall chair and coordinator, ongoing

Maria Lynam – early coordinator

Cheryl Harris – early co-chair

Nancy Klick – co-chair

Louise Clara – volunteer coordinator extraordinaire; vice-chair

Jeff Daverman – media coordinator, constant & valuable contributor

Lynn Griffin – survey results tabulator


Doug Kearney – researcher

Abby Brill – researcher

Louise Clara – researcher, editor

Peggy Glenn – editor

Nancy Klick – editor

Postcard WritersPostcard WritersFund-raising  Mask-makers
Cindie AbrahamsVivian PerryCandy Atkinson
Claudia AthertonRosemary DixonRita Day
Candy AtkinsonJulie RaydaLouise Clara
Sandy BaggenstosDonna RootenTexters
Rebecca BlankenshipGregg RootenAnne Schwerdt
Cynthia BordelonKathleen SauerCheryl Harris
Susan BravermanConnie SlatenCindy Wagner
Susan CampbellSharon from DWPAJoanna White
Margaret CoxJames SteinLinda Meigs
Susan CrutcherJan SudermanLinda Vieser
Rita DayLarry SudermanLu Ann Murphy
Rosemary DixonAnna SwigartMary Ann Graffagnino
Lynn FreedmanLinda Torrence-HillMary Cole
Paula FuhstCathy VarnerNancy Klick
Anita GilbertCindy WagnerNancy Scharff
Mary Ann GraffagninoKathleen SauerConnie Slaten
Becky GunnNancy ScharffPatti Smith
Sondra HailePatti SmithRosemary Dixon
Allen HarrisLabeth PondishPatricia LaFleur
Cheryl HarrisFreya ManekiLouise Clara
Patricia HilsDiane McQueenTyler Woods
Kathy JensenConnie PennickBecky Gunn
Cynthia JonesKate Oconner-MasseCarol Weitkunat
Heryl KroopnickLinda MeigsRebecca Blakenship
Carol LeeMary Cole 
Linda LutesFrank Clara 
Carol WeitkunatChris Westoff 

Thank you all again,