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The Environment Part 4

Dear Arizona Voter and Voter Values Project Survey Respondent,

This last segment on the environment provides a clear comparison of Trump and Biden regarding environmental issues.   The election is a few days away.  If you have not already done so, please, please vote!   The information below is a summary taken from:

Issue:  Fossil fuels – Pipeline projects

       Trump – Favors Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipeline

       Biden – Promises to stop Keystone and has not taken a position on Dakota Access   

Government backing for fossil fuels

       Trump – Supports unobstructed growth of the fossil fuel industry

       Biden – Favors ending fossil fuel subsidies

Oil regulation

       Trump – Rolled back Obama-era rules to minimize methane leaks.   Supports unrestricted fracking

       Biden – Says he will not ban fracking, but will ban new off-shore drilling and any new permits on

                    public lands


       Trump – Reduced and rolled back limits on coal production

       Biden – Against any new coal plants, says cheaper renewable energy has eliminated need for them

Climate policy

       Trump – Left Paris Agreement, rolled back Obama-era emissions rules, fails to consider climate

                       change in policy decisions.

       Biden – Plans to rejoin Paris Agreement, reinstate emissions rules, invest $2 trillion to fight climate


Comprehensive climate policy

       Trump – Has none

       Biden – His climate plan states goal of 100% clean energy by 2035 and net zero emissions by 2050

Creating market incentives for renewables

       Trump – Undid Obama-era rules that encouraged growth of renewable energy

       Biden – Supports innovations and plans to use renewable energy market as a major job creator


       Trump – Rescinded higher fuel economy standards for cars and trucks

       Biden – Wants strict fuel-efficiency standards in place to grow electric auto industry

Nuclear energy

       Trump – Wants to ramp up nuclear energy and uranium production

       Biden – Supports development of small-scale nuclear reactors


       Trump – Rolled back several water protection regulations

       Biden – Wants to strengthen pollution laws to reduce impact on communities of color


       Trump – Launched a program to reduce plastic waste via recycling.  Dismissed single use plastics ban

       Biden – Says plastics are a threat to safe water.  Supports phasing out of single use plastics


       Trump – Under the Trump Administration, many endangered animals lost protections

       Biden – Website states goal of conserving 30% of America’s land and water to slow extinctions

Protected lands

       Trump – Severely cut size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante lands.   Plans to open these

                      areas to mining and energy exploration.   Added 1.3 million acres to wilderness areas.

       Biden – Promised to restore protections to several areas opened by Trump

We are voting for our future and the futures of our descendants!

The Voter Values Project at Prescott Indivisible