How to properly wear a mask

Our next election issue for discussion was to be the environment, but once again, COVID turns all good plans upside down.   The research group didn’t see COVID as a good topic because information on it is everywhere.   Until Friday morning, when Trump announced he and his wife had tested positive.   While competing news stories throw doubt on when Trump first tested positive, and what his actual condition is, the bottom line is that our country is on a national security emergency status.     Pence continuing to travel to campaign events instead of isolating in D.C. is dangerous, and it is further evidence of the Trump Administration’s lack of concern for the health of its citizens.

Interestingly, a poll done this week after the presidential debate and before the announcement of Trump’s COVID diagnosis showed Biden leading Trump 53% to 39% nationally.   Voters overwhelmingly disapproved of Trump’s aggressive antics at the debate.    Another poll done after the Trump positive diagnosis showed that voters are much more willing now to wear a mask than before the president became ill.   Maybe that is the silver lining behind our president contracting COVID.   Maybe now all Americans can see what needs to be done.  Maybe they can stop worrying about their “constitutional freedoms” long enough to get COVID under control.

It does not matter what your political affiliation is today.  Get a mask!   Wear it whenever you are outside among other people.    Wash your hands.  Practice social distancing.    Get a flu shot if you have not done so already.   The physicians at Walter Reed are using the latest, best, and even experimental therapies to treat the president.   Regular people don’t have that level of resources to call on if and when they contract COVID.   Protect yourself and others.   No one can do it for you.

Voter Values Project at Prescott Indivisible