People arriving at the southern border of the US do not constitute a uniform group. Some are trying out of desperation to get into the US unofficially, some are seeking refugee status under international and US law, some are coming to work, some have sponsors or family in the US. They come from many countries and have taken many routes to get to the border. Many are minors.
One thing is true of all of them: they are human beings who had to leave their homes.
Whether they are treated like human beings or not may very well be determined by your donation.

Donations left at GPUUC will be sorted and transported to various charities in Phoenix and beyond by volunteers from Prescott Indivisible’s Immigration Team and from GPUUC.

For example, on Aug. 15, six large bags of clothes, various other items and a large backpack were delivered to a couple who aid a tent center overseen by the Archdiocese south of the border in Mexico.

On Aug. 18, two cartons of bus lunches, snacks, travel-sized body lotion and a 32-pack of bottled water was delivered to Somos America.  Somos America delivers to bus stations, detention centers and shelters around the country where migrants are sent without anything to eat or drink or clean clothes.   This same delivery included five large bags of adult clothing, a carton of items for infants and children (clothing, coloring books, baby wipes), a carton of diapers, a carton of wipes, a carton of adult travel-sized hygiene items to a newly-renovated school building run by the not-for-profit International Rescue Committee (IRC).

The IRC, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and 100 Angels Foundations collaborate to run the Welcome Center in Phoenix where two hundred people can stay at any given time and get meals, showers, downtime, a bed, clean clothes while they wait for the next bus to their families or sponsors or the next decision about their fates. Read about the Welcome Center here.
Clean your closets! Go crazy at the dollar store!
Going to Phoenix?
Let Caren Greenberg ( know if you have time to drop off donations!

You can leave all items in or near the big blue basket in the entryway at Davis Hall at GPUUC, 882 Sunset in Prescott. Items are picked up at least once a week.

Here’s a list (but don’t limit yourself):

  • New or gently used clothes for all ages
  • Travel-sized hygiene items and women’s sanitary supplies 
  • Backpacks
  • Healthy Bus Snacks & Meals (e.g. non-perishable chicken or tuna salad boxes, fruit and grain bars, peanut butter to go, fruit cups or apple sauce not requiring refrigeration, etc.)
  • Coloring books and crayons
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Fleece throws
  • New (still in the package) underwear for all ages, smaller sizes

The office of GPCCU is open 9-noon, M-Fri. (occasionally things happen, please call ahead to make sure someone is there 928-541-0000).